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Thank you for considering your support of the Baylor Department of Mathematics! Currently, we have 23 tenured and tenure-track faculty members with plans to grow that number over the next few years. Despite our relatively small size, we are blessed with areas of strength in algebra, analysis, differential equations, functional analysis, mathematics education, mathematical physics, numerical analysis, representation theory, and topology. 


When I (Lance Littlejohn) arrived at Baylor as chair of the department in 2007, we were ranked in the 37th percentile, meaning that 63% of the mathematics programs were doing better than us in research. Now we are in the 60th percentile and trending higher each year. The department has hired several ‘big’ name mathematicians who excel at research and, equally important, teaching. Indeed, one of our greatest strengths - actually a hallmark of Baylor's tradition of excellence - is the individual attention that our students receive from our professors. The mathematics faculty pride themselves for having an open door, easy access policy with our students. I tell prospective students and their families that I would put my faculty and curriculum up against any undergraduate program in the country. I am THAT proud of my faculty and our department’s programs!


It is our mission to provide quality mathematics instruction at all levels, to make significant contributions to the discovery and dissemination of mathematical knowledge, and to develop, within a Christian environment, ethical scholars, skilled professionals, and educated leaders who are sensitive to the needs of society. Class sizes are small; in fact, most of our classes, including pre-calculus and calculus classes, have less than 40 students. And we have no plans to change to large-lecture formats like many large public institutions have done across the country.


The Department of Mathematics has much to offer our current students and faculty including wonderful facilities, large study spaces for students, and a donor-endowed computer classroom. All of this would not be possible without the support of our dedicated alumni and friends. Please consider making a gift to the Math Excellence Gift fund; it will have a significant impact on our students and faculty.

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