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Mayborn Museum

A new Backyard Ecology Hall is coming to the Jeanes Discovery Center at the Mayborn Museum Complex!  This new gallery will continue to provide the hands-on learning experiences that are integral to the Mayborn while also highlighting the local Central Texas ecosystems and making strong, exciting connections to current Baylor University research.


Backyard Ecology combines interactive components and museum specimens with innovative technologies to create a truly unique learning environment for all central Texas residents.  The exhibit will explore the dynamic forces that shape our world. Everything we see in the natural world, from the local landscapes carved by the Brazos River to the epic migration of the Monarch Butterfly, is a result of visible and invisible forces which shape the landscape and all living things over time. If we look closely, we see that the beautiful natural patterns, the unique animal abilities, and the seasonal cycles of life each have a story to tell. 


Families can spend the day exploring their backyard at the Mayborn! Museum guests will enjoy endless exploration of water activities and local ecology connections through a Brazos River-themed water table. Our younger visitors can practice their gross motor skills in a Honeycomb Climber while also learning about life in a beehive. Sketch a natural specimen, get an up-close view of some of the creatures that live our backyard, and much more.


Your gift during Baylor Giving Day will help us to accomplish the goal of opening this new gallery by the Summer of 2019. If we reach 25 gifts, an anonymous donor will contribute another $250 towards this goal. Help us continue to inspire life-long learning in our community!

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