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Medical Humanities Program

Who we are:

Established in 2004, Baylor University’s Medical Humanities Program was one of the first U.S. baccalaureate degree-granting programs in this field. Other Medical Humanities programs are rapidly emerging across the United States, with now over 55 universities offering qualifications in the form of minors, certificates, and concentrations. However, Baylor University’s Medical Humanities Program remains one of the largest and most well-respected Medical Humanities Program in the nation.


Our program is a distinguishing feature in the minds of prospective students with an interest in healthcare, making us a key player in the recruitment of high-ability students who plan to pursue medical careers. We provide a wide range of opportunities and experiences that contribute to the professional formation of prehealth students across the university. Post-graduation, our program serves as a focal point for graduates to remain connected and engaged as alumni. Events such as the Medical Humanities Retreat, distinguished guest speakers, and other special events serve a constituency much larger than our 250 majors. These programmatic offerings have a significant impact on students in all stages of engagement with Baylor in disciplines that range across the university.


At the core of this program is our belief that the ongoing crises in healthcare and medical professionalism can be addressed by educating a generation of leaders whose faith is incarnated through academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, and dedicated service. In short, we offer a Christian commitment to train students to recognize and affirm that the practice of medicine is a sacred enterprise.


Why we need your support:

As the program continues to grow in size and prominence, it is vitally important that we continue to provide amazing opportunities for our students.  Your support can help make a large impact in the lives of our students. 


How your gift will help:

Gifts towards the Medical Humanities Excellence Fund will help support important programs and initiatives, such as our annual symposium, annual retreat and lecture series.  Gifts will also be used to help provide support for our volunteer program, which allows over 100 student per year to volunteer at the Family Health Center.

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