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Who we are:

The Department of Geosciences is a close community of 18 faculty, 6 administrative and technical staff, a freshman laboratory coordinator, and typically several post-doctoral researchers, 40 or so graduate students, and 60-80 undergraduate students. We offer a Bachelor of Science in both Geology and Geophysics, and both the Master of Science and doctoral degrees in Geology. Our teaching and research interests include a wide range of specializations within the broad areas of biogeosciences, energy geosciences, lithospheric processes, paleoclimate, solid earth and planetary sciences, and surface and hydrological processes. Graduate and undergraduate students commonly work together on collaborative research projects under the guidance of a faculty director(s). Student research projects are often co-advised by two or more faculty members, thereby broadening the breath of skills and knowledge acquired by our students. Baylor Geoscience graduates typically pursue careers in energy and water resources, but some continue on the academic track as well.


Why we need your support:

Our students engage in research across the globe. In recent years students have participated on projects in locations within Africa, China, Central and South America, Canada, and of course Texas and elsewhere within the United States. Although these projects are exciting and contribute richly to the student educational experience, they are expensive to complete. On many occasions, external funding from government grants or industry sponsors are not available to cover student research costs. In these instances, we rely on the generous donations of alumni and friends.


How your gift will help:

Your gifts to the Baylor Geosciences Excellence Fund will be used to support graduate and undergraduate student involvement in research, through:

  • Travel awards for both undergraduate and graduate students, to allow them to complete their research and present their findings at national conferences.
  • Small equipment grants to provide tools that are essential for the completion of research projects.
  • Graduate student stipends to expand the opportunities for student enrollment and program growth.
  • Summer research stipends for undergraduate students to work full-time as a research assistant.

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