This is 2018's Giving Day. Click here to see all the excitement happening for 2020 Baylor Giving Day.

The Department of Religion is glad to participate in Baylor Giving Day.  Our Department has a long history of focus on undergraduate liberal arts education and a vocational focus in a significant Ministry Guidance Program at the undergraduate level as well as a large and active PhD program.  We are grateful for the support of donors and particularly call your attention to support for both undergraduate and graduate research.  Contributions to the Religion Excellence Fund can support both undergraduate and graduate students as they travel to regional, national, and international conferences to present their findings.  This fund also supplements faculty travel funds for research.  


Approximately 1,800 Baylor undergraduate students have expressed an interest in Christian vocational ministry. One-third of these students are Baptists who have access to a significant ministry scholarship (20% of tuition) funded through Baylor University and the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Unfortunately, those Christian ministry students who are not Baptist (two-thirds of the 1,800 students) only have access to 40 ministry scholarships (worth 15% of tuition), a generous amount but an insufficient number of scholarships to meet the current need. About half of these students are non-denominational students with a theology closely affiliated with traditional Baptist beliefs while the other half adhere to the beliefs of other Christian denominations. All of these students play a crucial role in Baylor’s Christian witness and would greatly benefit from financial support that will enable them to serve in various fields of ministry, both locally and globally.  Those who wish to help support these non-Baptist ministry students may donate to the “Ministerial Student Scholarship Fund” (an endowment fund) or the “Ministerial Student Scholarship Expendable Fund.”  


To make a gift, click on the link at the top of this page. Then share your excitement on social media using #BaylorGives to encourage your friends to make their gift as well!


Dr. Bill Bellinger, Chair of the Department of Religion, will be glad to discuss with you these opportunities for giving.

Early Bear Challenge
The first 100 Early Bears will unlock $5,000!
100 / 100 Gifts
Giving Day Kick Off
The first $25,000 in gifts beginning at noon on August 28 will be matched dollar-for-dollar! That means your $25 gift can become $50!
$25,000 MATCHED
The Final Countdown
Starting at 10:00 on August 29, the next 150 donors will unlock an additional $15,000 gift from an anonymous donor!
150 / 150 Gifts
College of Arts & Sciences Match
The first $500 in gifts to Arts & Sciences beginning at noon on August 28 will be matched dollar-for-dollar! That means your $25 gift can become $50!
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