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Men's Rugby

The Baylor Men’s Rugby Club is excited to announce its participation in the 2018 Baylor Giving Day! The team will use the funds collected to help the club pay for travel across the region against other universities in Texas and around the country.


The donations given to the club will help cover much of the travel that the team conducts each season. The club has grown to become one of the top rugby clubs in the country. This means that the team now makes many trips to play against other top teams in the country. Your gifts will help the club with travel for national tournaments and competitions.


Donations will not only help the club travel but go to support the growth of rugby. Due to the amount of travel the club collects dues each year to help support the expense of the trips. However, in the past gifts and donations have helped to lower the cost of dues allowing many students who would not be able to cover dues experience and play the great sport of rugby.


Thank you for taking time to consider the Men’s Rugby Club and supporting a growing sport at the university.


Make a gift today by clicking the Make A Gift link at the top of this page, then share on your social media using #BaylorGives to encourage your friends to make their gift!

Early Bear Challenge
The first 100 Early Bears will unlock $5,000!
100 / 100 Gifts
Giving Day Kick Off
The first $25,000 in gifts beginning at noon on August 28 will be matched dollar-for-dollar! That means your $25 gift can become $50!
$25,000 MATCHED
The Final Countdown
Starting at 10:00 on August 29, the next 150 donors will unlock an additional $15,000 gift from an anonymous donor!
150 / 150 Gifts
Club Sports Participation Challenge
The three Club Sports that achieve the highest number of gifts during Baylor Giving Day will be awarded: 1st place - $250 | 2nd place - $150 | 3rd place - $100
Rank Prize Club Sport Gifts
1 $250 Men's Rugby 59
2 $150 Club Gymnastics 48
3 $100 Women's Lacrosse 42
4 Water Ski 8
5 Wakeboard 2
6 Crew 1
7 Cycling 1
8 Sailing 1
9 Club Women's Soccer 1
10 Club Tennis 1
11 Club Men's Soccer 1
12 Club Baseball 0
13 Club Men's Volleyball 0
14 Club Women's Volleyball 0
15 Fencing 0
16 Men's Club Golf 0
17 Men's Lacrosse 0
18 Men's Ultimate 0
19 Men's Water Polo 0
20 Rock Climbing 0
21 Swimming 0
22 Taekwondo 0
23 Triathlon 0
24 Women's Ultimate 0
25 Women's Water Polo 0
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