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Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center


The Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center (BARC) supports students in recovery from addiction by providing a comprehensive recovery program complete with mentoring, weekly meetings and groups, connection to supportive peers, and wellness guidance/training to equip students for success during and after college. These efforts are enhanced through partnerships with counselors in the Counseling Center who provide ongoing therapy as well as staff members in the Wellness Department who provide prevention and education outreach.

The Impact of the BARC

Since the BARC opened in fall 2017, the recovery program has greatly exceeded the projected rate of growth resulting in a six-fold increase in the number of students being served. That is, prior to opening the BARC, six to eight students at Baylor University were regularly receiving recovery services. This year the center has consistently served 65-70 students actively engaged in the recovery program, attending at least one of the 11 weekly meetings operating out of the BARC, as well as receiving one-on-one coaching and support from recovery mentors. Notably, the exponential rate of growth is forecasted to continue with an average of three new students per week contacting the BARC to learn more about its services. Additionally, data from a recent University survey indicate close to ten percent of Baylor students identify as in recovery from addiction. This finding is consistent with national research data on collegiate recovery programs and indicates that nearly 1,700 students on the Baylor campus could benefit from services provided by the BARC. Consequently, the need for additional recovery services is great, and the Division of Student Life is seeking alumni, parents and friends of the University who are passionate about helping those in recovery—especially at the collegiate level.

Your Gift Matters

Every gift to the BARC helps the faculty and staff supporting students in recovery provide life-changing services to those in need. Your support helps us build and deliver services that live out the mission of Baylor by being a caring, Christian community.

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