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Paul L. Foster Success Center
Support Baylor students by helping us maximize opportunities for academic success!

Baylor’s Paul L. Foster Success Center provides an encouraging, supportive and caring environment for all students with a wide range of services intentionally designed to maximize opportunities for success.

The Success Center consists of 5 departments: Academic Support Programs, Student Opportunity & Accessibility Resources, Office of Access and Learning Accommodation, Student Success Initiatives, and University Advisement.

We invite you to partner with us in helping all students thrive. Your gift today will have a lasting and immediate impact in meeting Baylor student needs.

  • Support The StoreLow income students often feel more marginalized and struggle to develop a sense of belonging. These struggles can be compounded when students are unable to access adequate amounts of food because of the stigma that comes with being hungry. The Store seeks to meet that need! This food pantry will provide students in need with supplemental food so they can bring their best to the campus environment and have the strongest likelihood of achieving academic success.

  • Provide $250.00 textbook coupons for students with financial need: Well over 20% of Baylor students have significant financial hurdles and may struggle to purchase all of the books needed for success in the Baylor classroom. A $250.00 textbook coupon will substantially assist a high number of students in the coming academic year. Note that students receiving the coupons would be asked to contribute the book to the Student Success Initiatives Textbook Library at the end of the semester so that future students can benefit.  

  • Raise the impact of our Tutoring Center: The Tutoring Center is the “front porch” of the Paul L. Foster Success Center.  The Tutoring Center is utilized by thousands of Baylor students annually in hundreds of classes. Once students use the Tutoring Center, they tend to access the other great resources in the Success Center. Students who use multiple resources under the Success Center have higher GPAs and much higher graduation rates. To help our diverse iGen students in their pursuit of academic excellence, the Tutoring Center needs 1) a facelift in its physical location and 2) a buildout of its 24/7 on-demand resources. We envision modal, movable furniture, including sturdy tutoring cubby areas reflective of how the iGeneration studies today

The Success Center impacts students daily. Here are three testimonies of students whose academic journey benefited from their involvement in the Success Center.

Meet Karin Simpson a proud first-generation, transfer student. Through Academic Support Programs, Simpson learned time management skills, setting schedules for finals, and study tactics. “I learned how to manage my time,” Simpson said.


Meet Kayla Perez who started at Baylor as a part of our First In Line Success Academy (FILSA). “The people that I’ve met through FILSA have been my backbone in college – both students and faculty.”  Through the resources at the Success Center, she successfully completed her degree and will soon be enrolling in graduate school. She hopes to focus on pediatric Autism. 


Meet Adam Singer. As an accounting major, Adam found Baylor courses much more challenging than high school and knew that he needed extra help his first semester at Baylor. One of his business professors mentioned the Paul L. Foster Success Center as a useful tool to help students excel in every area of academic life. "The staff at the Success Center made me feel comfortable and I began to gain confidence in my studies. They taught me how to paraphrase notes in lectures and how to organize my notes and handouts. I still use those skills today."

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