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Departments of the Humanities

Political Science

Model United Nations Team

Model United Nations provides students with the opportunity to develop solutions to today's international problems. Each semester our team represents a different Member State in the United Nations and researches its policies, including its positions on international security, economic development, sustainability, and social-humanitarian efforts. At Model UN conferences, students act as diplomats for their assigned nation within a particular UN committee. The goal of these conferences is to foster diplomacy and cooperation as students write resolutions and reports, just as Member States in the UN do. While the educational experience is the true reward of any Model UN event, at many conferences awards are given to teams and individual students who excel at adhering to the constraints of domestic and international politics, public speaking, and leadership within their committee.

Model UN members hone professional skills that will help them to succeed both as a student and in their post-graduate professions

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Ministerial Student Scholarship Fund

The Ministry Guidance Program within the Religion Department at Baylor University is designed to help students who are exploring careers in ministry to clarify and affirm their calling and to introduce them to ministry as a vocation. With the support of scholarships, our future ministers and missionaries are able to focus on academic studies related to the practice of ministry, hands-on experience in local settings, and fellowship with other individuals who are preparing for vocational Christian service in an effort to better understand God's calling. 

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