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Journalism, Public Relations, and New Media

Doug Ferdon Scholarship Fund

In his long career at Baylor University, both as a faculty member and as chair, Dr. Doug Ferdon's primary focus was on students. He mentored, nurtured, and empowered numerous generations of young wanna-be journalists and public relations professionals. He stayed in touch. He made connections. He wrote untold letters of reference and recommendation. Ferdon was -- and remains! -- the heart of the Department of Journalism, Public Relations & New Media to thousands of talented, passionate young men and women.

Ferdon joined Baylor in 1982, as the Lariat adviser and later became a full-time faculty member, teaching Law & Ethics and History of Journalism. He served as chair while also teaching.

Since his retirement in 2014, Ferdon has continued as an adjunct instructor, although he said when he retired that he was going to “just read books and play golf.” He didn’t.

“When I began college in the 1960s, enrollment was doubling across the U.S. Baby Boomers, including women and minorities, where finding a college education part of their dreams. Teaching for 46 years – full-time and part-time – I saw the costs rise. If a scholarship in my name can help just a little, it would give me great pleasure,” Ferdon said.

Ferdon is that kind of person—kind, forward-thinking and wise. He patiently built the JPRNM village while fostering harmony along the way.

Still, a source of wise counsel in the department, Ferdon’s presence is missed.

Film & Digital Media 

Baylor in Los Angeles 

The Film and Digital Media department has a bold vision to establish a new summer study program in the heart of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California. 

Like the Baylor in New York program, this initiative is a for-credit, internship-based, residential summer study program complete with coursework in Film & Digital Media, competitive internships, and coordinated programming like alumni networking opportunities, studio tours, live tapings, screenings, and explorations in LA. Classes and internships are designed to complement one another, giving intellectual foundation to the workplace and immediate, practical extension to the classroom. 

Your gift today will help launch Film & Digital Media students into a successful future in the entertainment industry. Give today to help shape the future of the Film & Digital Media department. 

Theatre Arts 

Theatre Arts Excellence Fund

Launching theatre students into the entertainment industry is challenging at any time, but especially during the pandemic. We support our graduating Baylor Fine Arts Performance students by using donations to help fund their participation in a professional showcase event. Students attend carefully selected workshops and coaching sessions with industry professionals before auditioning before a panel of NYC, LA, and DFW agents.  This advantages our Baylor graduates in the competitive field and smooths their entry into the profession.

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