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Mooney Lab of Robbins College

Honoring a Son's Legacy Through the Gift of Research

Those who have been in Baylor’s Marrs McLean Gymnasium may be astonished upon their next visit. Instead of a stark wall bordering a narrow hallway in the northeast corner, sunlight now streams into a state-of-the-art research laboratory. Facing the lab, windows dominate a new student lounge area, affording a view inside. 

The recently created Mooney Lab for Exercise, Nutrition and Biochemistry offer faculty and students 4,100 square feet of lab space to conduct research that addresses cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, diet, and more. 

Approximately, $450,000 worth of equipment is needed to resource the newly renovated lab space to support students and faculty in both Heath, Human Performance and Recreation as well as Human Sciences and Design (formerly Family and Consumer Sciences). These tools are of the upmost urgency to begin utilizing this space and moving research initiatives forward. 

Your support will help begin exploratory, investigative, and analysis work for faculty and students within Robbins College. Your support advances the mission of improving health and quality of life.  

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Remembering Brendon 

Brendon Mooney, B.S.Ed. ’09, was a young man with an enthusiasm for college life. Tragically, Brendon died in a car crash at age 22. Amidst profound grief, Richard, A.B.C. ’20, and Joan, B.S.Ed. ’76, Mooney and their daughter Ashleigh found support in the Baylor Family. 

“The University has continued to support us through the years and really made his life significant,” Richard said. “It all made us want to give back, to keep his name alive and provide for students.” 

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