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Baylor Line Camp Scholarship

Baylor Line Camp 

There are few programs at Baylor University that are more successful at setting students on the path to success than the Baylor University Line Camp program. Baylor Line Camp is an extended summer orientation experience designed to prepare our students for their transition to Baylor. At Line Camp, they forge new friendships, connect with the rich history and tradition of their new home, and explore how Baylor’s distinct Christian mission will animate their story. On-campus sessions of Baylor Line Camp are 4-day, 3-night experiences designed to welcome each of them into That Good Old Baylor Line. Outdoor Adventure combines many of these elements with unique opportunities to explore the outdoors. 

Impact of Baylor Line Camp 

Over the past almost two decades of operation, students who have attended Baylor Line Camp have proven to be more successful at integrating into Baylor University, retaining and graduating in higher numbers than students who do not attend. 

Why We Need Your Help 

Though Line Camp is very affordable for the extent of its programming, that little extra cost can sometimes be prohibitive for families. The Baylor Line Camp Scholarship program helps to provide these families with the ability to send their Bears to Line Camp. As a donor to this scholarship, you are not simply giving the students the opportunity for a fun, exciting entrance into Baylor. You are also building the very foundation on which their success will be based. 

How You Can Help 

A gift of $150 provides one scholarship for a student to attend Baylor Line Camp. Our goal is to provide 20 scholarships for students to attend this year.

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