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Student Care & Wellness Fund

The Student Care and Wellness Fund (SCWF) is a financial resource to meet the urgent needs of students. With SCWF, any student in need can apply for funds, and this fast-acting fund allows students to receive funds within days of submitting their application. Many students have been struggling during this year. Isolation, cancellations, and unemployment have combined to leave many students struggling financially. Baylor aspires to be a caring community for every student, and SCWF provides the perfect opportunity for alumni to help make this aspiration a reality. Now is our chance to step in and support our fellow Bears.

Baylor University's Student Care & Wellness Fund (SCWF) was first envisioned by Baylor's Student Government in 2017. The purpose of SCWF is to provide Baylor University students with funding during emergency situations they could not otherwise afford to pay for.

SCWF could cover expenses such as Uber rides to the doctor, flights home in the event of a sudden loss of a family member, rent if a roommate suddenly moves out, among other needs.

In 2017, current Baylor students had outstanding results when they launched SCWF, raising over $18,000 in just one semester! Now, as alumni, it is our time to step up and help Baylor students finish out this fund and get it endowed. Once endowed, SCWF will provide funding annually for Baylor students experiencing financial emergencies. 

Together, your gift will combine with fellow alumni to surpass last year's fund goal of $50,000 so we can continue impacting Baylor students for years to come.

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