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The Baylor Family Compassion Fund

Support the Baylor Family Compassion Fund

The Baylor Family Compassion Fund

The Baylor Family Compassion Fund was created to help members of the Baylor Family. Initial contributions were strong, and we have continued to build the base fund steadily thanks to the generosity of the Baylor faculty, staff and retirees.


As we look ahead and remember tragedies of the past, Baylor faculty and staff are able to make a difference through gifts to those in need, right here in our Baylor Family. Specifically, this fund is intended to help Baylor faculty, staff and our contract partners such as Aramark and Follett who find themselves in crisis with no other means of support.


For example, imagine that a member of the Baylor family has a relative pass away suddenly. Depending on the family’s monetary situation, the cost to attend funeral services may not be affordable. The Baylor Family Compassion Fund is able to step in during circumstances like this to provide assistance and help the family help with these costs.


Only through the generosity of faculty, staff and retirees the Baylor Family Compassion Fund will continue to grow. We invite you to make a gift to the Baylor Family Compassion Fund today to support our Baylor Family in times of need.




If you know someone who needs assistance - Baylor faculty, staff, official retiree or vendor partner - please direct them here