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What is Torch?

Torch is Baylor University’s crowdfunding platform. Torch was created to help the Baylor community members raise funds to help their ideas and projects take flight. It showcases the many exciting and varied initiatives across the Baylor campus that are the passion of our students, faculty and staff. 


How does Crowdfunding work?

You are given the technology, taught how to use it, and then you raise funds from your own networks. It is important to understand that you will be soliciting your friends, peers, family, etc. Annual Giving and Baylor University will not be actively soliciting for your project on your behalf, that is up to you and your project leaders and teammates!


Are you prepared for the process that lasts 120+ days?

  • 30 days to process applications after due dates and training
  • 30 days of quiet phase to create materials
  • 30-60 days of active fundraising
  • 30 days to fulfill stewardship

Tell us about yourself


Tell us about your project

Organization Name*

Advisor's Name Optional

Required for Student Orgs. only

How many team members will be involved with this campaign? Optional

How many people does your team have to solicit?*

Each team member should have at least 10 friends/family/peers to ask.

Can your team make a 1-1.5 minute video for your project?*

If not, Annual Giving may be able to help w/ video. Video must include the "ask" for donations.

Does your project fall within a range of $500-$15,000*

Do you understand that stewardship is required at the completion of the project?*

Stewardship is the acknowledgement of donors for their support. Your organization must thank donors!
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