1845 Scholars

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1845 Scholars

Continuing our goal of educating students to be world leaders in a caring community, and helping those regardless of their financial ability...


We are proud to introduce the 1845 Scholars program.  As a Baylor donor to this program, you will be able to see the impact of your gifts by making a commitment that directly supports a Baylor student. This enhanced program makes it possible for you, with a $3,000 donation, to provide one scholarship for one student as a need-based scholarship.


Donors to this program, are welcome to come to annual meet and greet events to see your scholarship recipient and others who have benefited by the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends of Baylor University.


The scholarship I received through the generosity of Baylor donors was an arrow pointing to a big green and golden door. That gift told me that someone cared. That my situation mattered. And that I mattered. It encouraged me to work that much harder when things got tough and to go the extra mile and study that extra hour. -Jasmin Shead, Business Administration/Management Information Systems Major and Scholarship Recipient


How to be part of the 1845 Scholars Program:


Support a Baylor Student with gift or pledge of $3,000 that is awarded as a one-time scholarship to one student.  This is based on financial need, and can be based on preference for a student pursuing an undergraduate degree within a school or college on Baylor's campus.


A gift or pledge of any other amount to the 1845 Scholars program may be combined with other donations to award additional scholarships. Gifts must be received prior to May 1 of each year, and will be awarded in the fall and spring of the following school year. For more information on how you can be a part of the 1845 Scholars program, establishing an ongoing pledge or creating an endowment, please email GIVEBU@baylor.edu or contact the Office of Annual Giving at 1-855-5-GIVE-BU.


I leave here recognizing that the scholarships I received were more than donations, but an investment in my future.  The kind of investment I hope to make one day in another student who is looking to change the world.  -Allie Greenwood, Business Administration/Entrepreneurship Major, and 2017 Scholarship Recipient.