Inspiring Excellence

Inspiring Excellence

Baylor University aspires to transform lives around the world through ground-breaking research and evidence-based, capacity-building partnerships that address the critical issues of our time and create a foundation for future discoveries. 

At Baylor, research is more than an academic enterprise. Across our 12 nationally recognized academic divisions — through short-term and long-term initiatives alike — Baylor utilizes its institutional capabilities and faculty research expertise for the mutual benefit of the on-campus community and the surrounding world. Following Christ’s example of serving others, we will grow in our support of academic programs, research and creative endeavors that increase human knowledge, explore artistic frontiers and address real-world concerns. 

Today’s undergraduates come to Baylor expecting to have opportunities to engage in research and discovery to answer some of the world's greatest needs. Baylor's focus on recruiting and supporting faculty researchers who are active scholars and creative artists brings experience and knowledge into their classrooms, labs and studios, thereby augmenting undergraduate education by directly involving students in their research and providing the kind of inspiring mentorship that has long been a part of the Baylor experience.  

Excellence Funds allow the administration to disperse funds where needed to further this vision and enhance the undergraduate education experience for its students. 

Please consider making a gift in any amount to your area of choice. Together, your gift will combine with gifts of all sizes and make a large impact on Balyor’s vision to address the world's greatest needs through hands-on research and education.

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