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Mobile Emergency Response Trailer

Students now have an opportunity to serve on a Disaster Relief Team that will work in collaboration with relief agencies. They will train to respond to communities in need. Will you join us in supporting communities through the BearAid program?

Mobile Emergency Response Trailer

When a global pandemic shut down 90% of Missions and Public Life’s programming, they found themselves in need of a new purpose, if only for the short-term. Upon hearing the need to deliver meals, mail and medicine to students in isolation and quarantine, BearAid was born. For a year, MPL served as the primary point for meal delivery. At the end of Summer 2021, over 17,000 meals had been delivered (and one suit for a virtual formal).

After traveling to Houma, LA to deliver urgent supplies, a question began to form. “What if we had the means to travel with students to provide aid to communities following disasters? We would need a way to feed our own students, plus communities that had little to no access to power and clean water.”

Fast forward nine months. Missions, Service and Public Life has a 22’ trailer/toy hauler that is equipped to cook for large crowds, thanks to the generosity of Mark Davis. The BearAid trailer is outfitted with rolling grill, griddle, refrigerator, warming box and plenty of commercial grade pans. It also has a generator and solar plan should it need to go “off grid.” Beginning Fall 2022, students will have an opportunity to serve on a Disaster Relief Team that will work in collaboration with relief agencies, such as Texans on Mission (formerly Texas Baptist Men) and Cajun Navy. They will be trained and prepared to respond to communities in need within a certain radius of Waco and after sites have been stabilized by partners. 

While other campus departments have been generous to loan their truck to us, we have found that it is not always available or timely. We are beginning a fundraising campaign for a BearAid truck. The goal is $75k. Will you consider giving?

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