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NPHC Garden Improvement Project

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NPHC Garden 10th Anniversary Improvement Project

About the NPHC Garden

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this fall the National Pan-Hellenic Garden officially opened on September 24, 2011, and continues to honor the heritage and recognize NPHC organizations for their service to the greater Waco community and Baylor University. Provided below is information about the improvements and history of the seven NPHC organizations showcased in the garden.  

Improvement Vision

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the NPHC Garden Baylor University plans to add the following:

  1. Add two monuments not completed in 2011 to represent the complete Divine Nine
  2. Add a sidewalk for entrance from the north side of the garden near Marrs McLean Gym
  3. Replace broken glass pavers at each monument with LED lighting installations to match the exact colors of each organization
  4. Add new historical signs noting the contribution of African-American/ Black fraternities and sororities at each entrance
  5. Add glass wall installations behind each bench with the organization crest

History of Plots

One of the most prominent symbols of Black Greek Letter Organizations on college campuses is plots. Plots symbolically represent the organization and can appear in various forms. Most are brick or concrete structures that are built to commemorate the organization. Colors play an integral part of the plots and are representative of the organization - usually containing the organization’s letters. Other types of plots contain national and local founding dates and the names of the charter members of the organization. Plots, especially at historically Black colleges and universities, play a central role in the culture of Black fraternities and sororities often serving as a meeting place and a place to reconnect alumni with current members at events such as Homecoming. Plots serve as a gathering place and symbolic honor for the past and future generations of Black Greek members.

Granite Stones and Markers

The Baylor National Pan-Hellenic Garden has sections for the seven NPHC organizations that were present and/or chartered on Baylor’s campus during the garden’s inception. The granite stones include the chapters’ crest, national and local founding dates, national founders, and local charter members. Around the granite stones are markers of the organizations’ colors. There is one granite stone representing Baylor’s National Pan-Hellenic Council. There is also a remaining space for Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. and Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. not represented on campus during the initial construction of the garden.

You Make a Difference

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