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Donald L. Daniel Memorial Fund

The Donald L. Daniel Memorial Fund in Nursing was created by Mr. Daniel's daughter, Donna Miller, in 2015. When Donna was a student at the Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing she was touched by stories she heard from fellow students about their emergency needs. After graduation, she created this fund in memory of her dad to meet the short-term emergency monetary needs of nursing school students attending LHSON. Donna said her dad was an amazing man, always willing to help others in need. This fund was to help with, but not limited to, automobile repairs, non-reimbursable medical expenses, and emergency or unexpected transportation costs. Students are identified based on need through a process determined by the Dean of LHSON and a committee. A student may receive a maximum of two awards while enrolled at LHSON.

We are also pleased to share that a recent donor has challenged us with a $25,000 matching opportunity!  If we raise $25,000 then it will be matched and bring this fund to $50,000! Please consider giving today. Every gift is appreciated no matter what the size. Your caring support will directly impact our amazing nursing students who are desperately trying to follow their calling and exemplify our school motto: Learn.Lead.Serve. Thank you in advance for your servant's heart and Baylor spirit. 

The family of Mr. Donald L. Daniel will be notified of gifts made in support of LHSON students to this fund.

Student Testimonials - How This Fund Changed Students Lives in 2019

Brittany - Brittany lived in Elan City Lights when a violent storm in Dallas caused a crane to crash into her apartment building.  She had to urgently find new housing and went many months not being able to get any of her personal belongings. Brittany felt blessed to have only lost belongings that could be replaced. She was financing her education completely on her own.  The only apartment that she could find quickly was more expensive per month than she had been paying and that put her in financial crisis.  With the help of the Donald L. Daniel Fund, she was able to make it through this difficult time and return to nursing school. The funds covered the overage in her rent for the remaining of the fall semester. Since Brittany was not able to get anything from her apartment, these funds helped her get some of the essential items she needed and furniture for the apartment since she was without her own for six months. 

Alexis - Alexis had a medical crisis (diagnosed with a bacterial infection from MRSA and developed severe sepsis).  She was on scholarships and loans to pay for her schooling.  Her loan total was already $50,000 at this point.  Her mother is a single mom and a retired schoolteacher, and her sister is also in college. She was babysitting to earn money, but the medical bills put her in financial crisis. We were able to help her get through this crisis and remain in school by helping with these medical expenses because of the Donald L. Daniel Fund. 

Kelly - Kelly came to LHSON as an adult student on VA benefits.  Her husband is a DPD Police Officer and regularly worked overtime to help them make it on one salary.  They are both Marine veterans and have two young children.  Kelly’s benefits ran out with one semester of nursing school left.  They were living paycheck to paycheck.  Costs for childcare, car repairs, and basic living was stretching them well beyond their means.  In addition, Kelly’s husband was in a car accident and had to miss four days of work.  That made them unable to make a car payment, insurance payment, and water bill.  We got them through that month. Kelly would have had to drop out of school without the funds she received from the Donald L. Daniel Fund.  Thankfully, she was able to finish school and is now a nurse at BUMC!  

Victoria - Victoria was barely making ends meet as she approached her graduation from nursing school. She worked while in school as she was solely responsible for all of her living expenses. The cost to register for the NCLEX was more than she had when it came due.  Thanks to the Donald L Miller Fund she was able to register for her NCLEX in order to pursue her nursing career.