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President's Excellence Fund

Creating resources that can be used to quickly address emerging needs is important to the success of Baylor and its students. All gifts, small and large, help students continue to engage in the rich academic experience at Baylor.

Ease Challenges Students Face through the President's Excellence Fund

Supporting Baylor Students: How Can I Help?

Gifts to the President's Excellence Fund create the ability for the University to meet tangible needs beyond tuition support for students or programs that may need a boost of support.

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, students were awarded more than $1.5 million to help cover basic needs such as rent, utilities, medical expenses and to purchase technology equipment and enhanced internet services as classes were moved online.

Your philanthropic support of the President’s Excellence Fund help students continue to engage in the rich academic experience at Baylor. 

We have identified the following as needs for the academic year ahead:

  • Providing Emergency Funds for Student Success
  • Equipping Students with Technology for Hybrid Learning
  • Investing in Mental Health Services




I am a law student at Baylor Law School. I recently lost 40% of my summer income because of COVID-19. It was distressing and nerve-racking to receive this news. I am at the Law School on full scholarship and my living expenses are paid for entirely by loans. I applied for assistance from the President’s Excellence Fund for students who have been affected by the pandemic. I was approved and given $1,000 in less than 48 hours.  


I just wanted to email to say how grateful I am. I am so thankful to be a student at Baylor and to be a part of a school that had such a giving alumni network. This financial support took an indescribable amount of stress off of me and I will be forever grateful to the donors who made this possible.  


Thank you so much!



Why Alumni and Friends Support Baylor Students...


I am currently working in the frontlines to help fight against the COVID 19 pandemic. Times right now are tough with people facing layoffs and furloughs. During this time I am grateful to have a job and continue to serve my community. In times like these, the least I can do is give back to my alma mater. I believe there is no better time than now to follow through with LHSON mission to learn, lead and serve. Sic 'Em!

--Alex, Class of 2016


I was a struggling Baylor student just a few years ago. I'm blessed now as a first generation Latina to be able to give back and plan to give more in the future. 

--Mayra, Class of 2013


I received need based scholarships during my time at Baylor, so this seems like an excellent opportunity to pay it forward to help those in need. 

--Andrea, Class of 2008


I continue to be thankful for the Christian atmosphere and academic focus at Baylor that I received in the 1970s and is apparent to this day.

--Connie, Class of 1976


I'll always remember the support I got from friends, classmates and faculty during my time at Baylor. Their kindness is what truly enriched my Baylor experience. So I'll pave the way forward for other students to show my appreciation. 



Wanted to show our support of Baylor's commitment to student well being and excellence by meeting their financial needs in this most challenging time. Sic 'em.

--Lester and Bridget


This gift is given to support our Baylor students who are experiencing extraordinary needs during the pandemic. I hope and pray that this gift helps our students get through this period of difficulty and that it encourages others to demonstrate the compassion and caring for which the Baylor community is known. Sic 'Em.


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