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IEEE Robotics Project 2020

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IEEE Robotics Project 2020

The Baylor University’s IEEE Robotics Team is very excited to share with you that this year they are competing in the Region 5 IEEE Robotics competition. This team of Baylor engineering students is committed to designing and building the best robot they can with the resources and time they have available. 

Energy is high and they are ready to start, but they need your help!   By making a gift, you are making it possible for them to be true competitors. Donations will go directly toward parts for the robot, which means you are playing an active role in making this competition a reality. 

Why is this important?  This competition helps this team of students to learn and experience so much to help prepare them for careers in engineering. From programming to assembly, they are gaining real world experience in problem solving and creativity.  But none of this will be possible without the support of people like you.

Thank you for providing the assistance needed to this competition possible, and for helping our students exceed in engineering!  


IEEE Region 5 Student Robotics Competition  The Student Robotics Competition is sponsored by the IEEE Region 5 Committee. The student teams will be challenged to build autonomous robots within the competition rules and guidelines.  The competition will use a point system with the winning team receiving the highest number of points.  

This year's challenge is:

Pollution of various forms is an ever-present problem in our modern world. For the last 50 years, considerable attention has been focused on larger institutional sources of pollution, and while there is more to do, significant progress has been made. You and your team will be tasked with tackling this issue in a new and innovative way. Competitors will be tasked to pick up items of litter on a 12ft X 12ft standard VEX robotics field. The game will include the following items of litter: aluminum soft drink cans, plastic water bottles, snack size chip bags paper trays commonly used for serving concession food.

In addition, the competing robots will share the field with a robotic adversary that will display the worst habits of a habitual litterbug. This litterbug will disperse litter during the round in a random manner, while chattering in some uniquely robotish dialect. By responding appropriately to the litterbug’s chatter, the competitor will have the ability to convince the litterbug to stop disbursing additional pieces of litter of a specific type. By successfully removing the litter items from the playing surface and by placing these items in an appropriate bin located to the side of the playing field teams will earn points in a given match.

The design idea we are going with is a conveyer belt system that is loaded by a scooper and ramp. This allows us to pick up the various items of trash one type at a time in a quick and efficient manner. Once we have collected all of the individual items of each type, we will be able to transport them to the disposal bins. 


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Below are examples of different parts and products that your donation can provide to our robotics team now and in years to come. Please feel free to select any of the available tabs at your convenience. Regardless of what dollar value that you select, you can enter whatever monetary amount that you desire. Once again, we are very appreciative and grateful of your time and your generous donations.


Exterior Chassis Frame

The outside aluminum framework that all robotic systems are built upon


Mecanum Wheels

Drive wheels that allow our robot to move forward and backwards, rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, and strafe left and right


Power Source

High capacity DC batteries that power all electrical and control systems for the duration of competition and testing


Drive Motors

Motors that are used within the drive system to move the robot around the playing field


High Power Motor Controllers

Top of the line motor controllers with CAN protocol capabilities that command the high power motors


Vex Robotics Foam Field Tiles

Interlocking foam tiles that will be used as the playing field during testing to match the environment of the competition


Competition Costs (per member)

This amount is an approximated amount that includes everything from registration fees to travel and housing for the weekend of the competition for one team member