Baylor Chamber Centennial Celebration

Baylor Chamber Centennial Celebration

Founded in 1919, the Baylor Chamber of Commerce exists to preserve and protect the traditions of Baylor University. For over 100 years the Chamber has maintained some of the most important aspects of Baylor culture. The students who care most deeply for their school will eventually find themselves here. 

Help us build an equally strong and bright future through a gift to Baylor Chamber to celebrate those students who follow your lead. Here are some specific funds and projects that really need your support:   

The Baylor Chamber of Commerce Excellence Fund has a goal of $100,000 in order to renovate the Chamber workspace and invest in the current endowment to support Club Operations.  

   The Baylor Bear Program has a goal of $250,000 which will allow the Chamber to purchase a new truck and trailer for Joy and Lady, create an interactive children's exhibit, design and construct an Education and Conservation Pavilion for group presentations and campus tours, and apply for accreditation with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. In the fall of 1917, Baylor welcomed its first live mascot to campus, a black bear named Ted who was often called "Bruin." Now, fifty-four black bears later, Joy and Lady - the current bears, have and continue to serve as more than a mascot for Baylor; they primarily educate people about black bears but also serve as a symbol of the University. 

   The Chamber Scholarship Fund has a goal of $100,000 to help increase their efforts for supporting deserving students that may need additional financial support to fulfill their Baylor experience.  

   The Baylor Line has a goal of $50,000 with a very specific project; to build a Shade Structure at McLane Stadium for the Baylor Line as they wait to take the field and fill the stands for Baylor Football home games. 

Let's continue the tradition of the Baylor Chamber of Commerce for another 100 years! Show your support by making your best gift today to carry forth the mission: Anything for Baylor