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Baylor students and faculty deserve the very best in academic support, whether that be research materials, computer facilities, or a comfortable learning environment. Your gift to the Library Dean's Excellence Fund provides the greatest flexibility and most immediate impact for making investments in the future of the Baylor Libraries.

Gifts to this fund support a wide range of projects, including the recently completed renovations to Moody Memorial Library’s first floor. Moody 1 is now a vibrant, inclusive, and cutting-edge area for individual, small group, and seminar-style instruction aimed at supporting the university’s goal of creating a “transformative undergraduate education” for our students.

What is Dean Archer’s Current Priority for the Dean's Excellence Fund?

Over the past year, the Libraries’ “Chairs for Bears” campaign – with funding from the Dean’s Excellence Fund - has raised the necessary capital to replace the 1968-era chairs on Moody Memorial Library’s first and second floors with new seating designed to fit the needs and preferences of today’s students. Now, only the 120 chairs on Moody 3 remain to be upgraded to these modern, sturdy “Lyric” chairs from Allsteel. Dean Archer will put all gifts to the Dean’s Excellence Fund raised on Giving Day toward the remaining $30,000 needed to complete the “Chairs for Bears” campaign.


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Who is Giving?
Which Baylor Family group is making the largest impact on Baylor Giving Day?
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Rank Answer Gifts
1 Alumni 1,596
2 Parent of a Baylor Student 560
3 Staff 316
4 Friend 235
5 Faculty 200
6 Student 133
7 Other 100
Number of Donors Leaderboard by Area at BU
Which area of campus will receive the most donations during Baylor Giving Day? Make a gift now to help your favorite school, college, or program at Baylor University get to the top of the leaderboard!
Rank School, College, or Program Donors
1 Athletics 239
2 Student Life 0
3 Baylor Parents 0
4 Baylor Alumni & Affinity Groups 0
5 Paul L. Foster Success Center 0
6 Arts & Sciences 0
7 Baylor Law 0
8 Diana R. Garland School of Social Work 0
9 Engineering & Computer Science 0
10 Hankamer School of Business 0
11 Honors College 0
12 Louise Herrington School of Nursing 0
13 Robbins College of Health & Human Sciences 0
14 School of Education 0
15 School of Music 0
16 Truett Seminary 0
17 University Libraries 0
Most Donors by Class Decade
Which Baylor University decade of graduates will make the most gifts on Baylor Giving Day? Make a gift now and tell your classmates to get your class decade to the top of the leaderboard!
Graduation Year (Choose Your Decade)
Rank Answer Gifts
1 2000-2009 338
2 2010-2019 327
3 1990-1999 253
4 1970-1979 191
5 1980- 1989 118
6 1960-1969 85
7 2020-2025 52
8 1950-1959 16
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