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The Honors College brings together four innovative interdisciplinary undergraduate programs — the Honors Program, University Scholars, Baylor Interdisciplinary Core, and Great Texts. What unites the four programs is their shared commitment to providing students the opportunity to pursue the sorts of questions that often fall between the cracks of the specialized disciplines, by exploring the writings of scientists along with the writings of poets, historians, and philosophers. 


Honors College Excellence Fund 

Your gift to the Honors College Excellence Fund helps enrich students' experiences by providing funds to participate in mission trips, participate in research opportunities, and benefit from summer internships at places such as the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Your gift will also help to provide lecture series featuring distinguished scholars and public intellectuals as well as increasing opportunities for faculty development and student recruitment.

Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC) Program Excellence Fund

Gifts provide BIC with classroom equipment, technology, and research materials that help students explore the full spectrum of educational disciplines to prepare for the future on a global scale.

Great Texts Excellence Fund

Gifts to Great Texts help fund research materials, conference attendance, and countless other educational opportunities that cultivate disciplined thinking and prepare students to compete for prestigious fellowships and post-graduate programs.

University Scholars Program Excellence Fund

The University Scholars program allows high-ability students to chart a personalized educational journey in close consultation with faculty advisors. Gifts help the program remain on the cutting edge by providing research opportunities, stipends for conferences, and funds for study abroad. 

Honors Residential College (HRC) Renovations

The HRC is housed in two of the oldest and most distinguished residence halls at Baylor, Alexander and Memorial Halls. Fulfillment of the HRC vision will create a world-class residential learning facility equal to those of the best honors colleges in the nation by providing for the consolidation of all Honors College students, faculty, and staff in one central location, and the full integration of faith and learning, scholarship and teaching, knowledge and service. 


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7 Baylor Law 0
8 Diana R. Garland School of Social Work 0
9 Engineering & Computer Science 0
10 Hankamer School of Business 0
11 Honors College 0
12 Louise Herrington School of Nursing 0
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8 1950-1959 16
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