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Most Gifts Leaderboard
Which specific area of campus will receive the most gifts to support their larger philanthropic goals? Make a gift now to help your favorite area at Baylor University get to the top of the leaderboard!
Rank Department Gifts
1 Paul Eddie Dwyer Scholarship 229
2 Baylor University Scholarship Fund 203
3 The Store Food Pantry 151
4 Give Light Campaign (Baylor Fund) 80
5 Men's Tennis 74
6 Nursing School Scholarship Fund 68
7 Baylor Bear Habitat 66
8 President's Excellence Fund 62
9 Hankamer School of Business Excellence Funds 55
10 Alumni Affinity Groups 55
11 Paul L. Foster Success Center 55
12 Baylor Parent Fund 49
13 Student Foundation Scholarships 48
14 Baylor Rugby 44
15 Mayborn Museum 39
16 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging 39
17 College of Arts & Sciences Scholarship Fund 38
18 Hankamer School of Business Scholarship Fund 37
19 ECS Excellence Funds 36
20 Law Career Development Summer Stipend Program 33
21 Baylor Line Camp Scholarships 32
22 Baseball 26
23 School of Education Scholarship Fund 25
24 Baylor Women's Councils Scholarships 25
25 Women's Basketball 24
26 Give Light Capital Fund 23
27 College of Arts & Sciences Excellence Fund 23
28 Preparing Champions for Life 22
29 Law School Dean's Excellence Fund 21
30 School of Education Excellence Fund 21
31 Track & Field / Cross Country 20
32 Golden Wave Band Excellence Fund 20
33 Pearl Beverly Endowed Scholarship Fund 19
34 GSSW Excellence Fund 19
35 Allison Dickson Scholarship Fund 19
36 Health & Human Sciences Excellence Fund 19
37 Nursing School Excellence Fund 19
38 Football 18
39 ECS Scholarships 18
40 Missions & Spiritual Formation 17
41 Club Sports 16
42 Trailblazer Scholars Program 16
43 Truett Alumni Scholarship Fund 15
44 Center for Church & Community Impact 14
45 Global Mission Leadership 14
46 HSB Undergraduate Research Assistant Program 13
47 Fraternity & Sorority Life 13
48 School of Music Excellence Fund 13
49 Baylor Interdisciplinary Core Program (BIC) 13
50 Nursing School Simulation Fund 12
51 Honors Residential College Renovation 12
52 Library Dean's Excellence Fund 11
53 Truett Dean's Excellence Fund 10
54 Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty 10
55 Men's Basketball 10
56 Honors College Excellence Fund 10
57 ECS Student Life 10
58 Baylor Business Fellows 10
59 Baylor/Waco Foundation 10
60 Men's Golf 9
61 Center for Professional Selling 9
62 Softball 9
63 BU '22 Senior Class Gift 8
64 Volleyball 7
65 Equestrian 7
66 Women's Soccer 7
67 Emerging Artists Initiative 7
68 University Scholars Program 7
69 Women's Golf 6
70 Gilbert Scholars 6
71 Student Involvement Excellence Fund 5
72 Model United Nations Team 5
73 Acrobatics & Tumbling 5
74 Regional Scholarships 4
75 Hankamer School of Business Faculty Development 4
76 Additional A&S Priorities 3
77 Women's Tennis 3
78 Daniel Sternberg Society 3
79 Great Texts Excellence Fund 3
80 Ministry Guidance Scholarships 3
81 Ethics Initiative 3
82 Alumni Board of Advocates Scholarship Fund 2
83 The Bright Light Endowed Scholarship Fund 2
84 Baylor Ring Scholarship 2
85 School of Music Centennial Fund 2
86 Truett Facility Improvements 2
87 Alumni by Choice 2
88 Africa New Life Partnership 2
89 Baylor in New York 1
90 Office of Engaged Learning 0
Most Donors by Class Decade
Which Baylor University decade of graduates will make the most gifts on Baylor Giving Day? Make a gift now and tell your classmates to get your class decade to the top of the leaderboard!
Graduation Year (Choose Your Decade)
Rank Answer Gifts
1 2000-2009 338
2 2010-2019 327
3 1990-1999 253
4 1970-1979 191
5 1980- 1989 118
6 1960-1969 85
7 2020-2025 52
8 1950-1959 16
Growing Baylor Rugby
We all know Rugby excels, and this matching gift is no different. $10,000 has been matched today, which will help the Baylor Rugby team have funding available for the team's needs. Thank you!!
$10,000 MATCHED
Upgrading The Store
Hooray! $3,000 has been matched through gifts made today for The Store. Thank you!!!
$3,000 MATCHED
Paul Eddie Dwyer Scholarship
Gifts given during Baylor Giving Day to this scholarship will be matched and support students who demonstrate a commitment to a priority of care and to advancing justice for persons of diverse sexual orientation and gender identities.
$44,510 MATCHED
Doubles for the Baseline Club
All gifts made to the Men's Tennis Baseline Club during Giving Day are being DOUBLED... make a gift today to have your gift matched by a faithful group of Tennis donors. In addition, all generous gifts at three select tiers ($100, $1,000, and $2,500) will receive a specialty item.
$38,700 MATCHED
Mercy Lives Excellence Fund in Global Mission Leadership
Gifts to this fund during Baylor Giving Day will be matched, further providing opportunities for international students to join the Global Mission Leadership program so they can earn a master’s degree in social work before returning to their home country as agents of change.
$1,830 MATCHED
Make a “Massey” Big Difference
Thanks to Dan and Debra Massey we have an exciting opportunity for you to rise to the challenge of Giving Day. All gifts made on Baylor Giving Day, in support of Autism Research and Clinical Practice, will be matched by the Massey Family. As non-alumni, Dan and Debra have demonstrated how the support of faithful friends can make an impact both within research and community influence. As part of the Baylor family, every gift counts and this means your gift makes double the difference in the lives of patients and families.
$1,005 MATCHED
Strengthen the Catholic Alumni Scholarship
Thanks to Elizabeth George and the donors that have already made gifts to the Catholic Alumni Scholarship! $1,000 has been matched and will be used to provide scholarships to students in need.
Who is Giving?
Which Baylor Family group is making the largest impact on Baylor Giving Day?
Please Check All of Your Baylor Affiliations
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Alumni 1,596
2 Parent of a Baylor Student 560
3 Staff 316
4 Friend 235
5 Faculty 200
6 Student 133
7 Other 100
Athletics Leaderboard by Donors
Which Baylor Athletics team will receive the highest donor participation on Baylor Giving Day? Make a gift now to help your favorite team reach the top of the leaderboard!
Rank Athletics Team Donors
1 Men's Tennis 66
2 Baseball 26
3 Women's Basketball 24
4 Track & Field / Cross Country 20
5 Football 18
6 Men's Basketball 10
7 Softball 9
8 Men's Golf 8
9 Equestrian 7
10 Women's Soccer 7
11 Volleyball 6
12 Women's Golf 5
13 Acrobatics & Tumbling 5
14 Women's Tennis 3
27 gifts for 27 years of ECS!
A proud Baylor family is celebrating the 27th anniversary of Engineering and Computer Science at Baylor by giving $10,000 when ECS receives 27 gifts! Make a gift to ECS today to unlock this $10,000.
0 / 27 Gifts
Division of Advancement Staff Match
Vice President Dave Rosselli is matching each Division of Advancement Staff member's gift up to $20 to any area of Baylor during Giving Day! Let's get 100% of our division to make a gift on Baylor Giving Day. Be sure to click "Divison of Advancement Staff" on the donation page before completing your gift to be counted!
$2,000 MATCHED
Double the Impact for Avanzando!
Charlet & Sean Stanton, current Baylor parents, are generously matching gifts to the Success Center Excellence Fund up to $3,000. Gifts to this fund will help continue the important work of Avanzando, serving Baylor's Latinx community.
$3,000 MATCHED
$10,000 for Hankamer Undergraduate Student Research Assistant
All gifts up to $10,000 in support of the Business School’s Undergraduate Research Assistant Program will be matched dollar-for-dollar. What does this mean? Dean Sandeep Mazumder’s vision for the Business School’s future growth and significance focuses on three main priorities, one of which is actively engaging in purposeful research. This program expands opportunities for undergraduates to participate meaningfully with faculty in research activity, strengthening the culture of teaching and learning and offering the potential for life-changing faculty-student mentoring which continue to be hallmarks of the Baylor Business experience.
$1,945 MATCHED
Recent Grad Challenge for Hankamer School of Business
WAY TO GO! $3,000 has been given to Baylor Business Fellows because 40 recent graduates supported the Business School!
0 / 25 Gifts
Division of Student Life Staff Match
Kevin Jackson and fellow student life leaders celebrate the great work of their fellow student life team and are matching every Student Life staff member’s gift up to $20 to any area of Baylor during Giving Day! Be sure to click 'Staff' then 'Student Life' on the donation page before completing your gift to be counted!
$3,215 MATCHED
$2,000 Match for Professional Selling
The first $2,000 given to Baylor's Center for Professional Selling is being matched thanks to the generosity of Randy Pound, a ProSales parent. Give today to support student participation in essential learning opportunities. Sales competitions and other professional development programs are integral to the Professional Selling Program and allow our students to hone their sales skills and gain confidence and experience.